Carpet Cleaning

Every care for your carpet is taken by Devere Cleaning

We know carpets and how difficult it can be to maintain and keep them clean and protected from soiling and life’s little accidents.

Every day, harmful soils are ground into your carpet that cause wear and unsightly traffic areas.

Professional carpet cleaning from De Vere Carpet Cleaning removes this dirt to prevent wear and extend the life of the carpet.

Our technicians inspect the carpet fibre to correctly identify what cleaning solutions and methods are required to achieve the best possible clean for your carpet.

Our deep cleaning process also improves indoor air quality by removing allergens and microscopic pollutants that collect in your carpets and contaminate the air you breathe.

Regular home carpet cleaning helps to keep your property looking fresh and staying free of allergens and harmful bacteria.

Devere treat your carpets with the utmost care and provide a high level of customer service at affordable rates.

Don’t settle for less. Call the carpet cleaning professionals – Devere.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Our truck mounted carpet cleaning equipment ensures carpets are cleaned to the best possible outcome. There is no area we cant reach. If we can not access the carpet by our truck mounted carpet cleaning equipment, we have a range of portable carpet cleaning equipment including dry cleaning methods.

There are many benefits to choosing our commercial carpet cleaning service:

  • Health and Safety – eliminate dust mites, allergens and dirt that can pollute the indoor air quality
  • We work around the clock – We understand that in a commercial setting you want the least amount of down time. Or Carpet Cleaning technicians work around your schedule to ensure the least amount of disruption or loss of trade.
  • Value For Money – Maintaining your carpet will increase the lifespan of the carpet. We can tailor a cleaning package to suit your business and budget.
  • Full Range Of Services – we offer complete cleaning services to revitalise carpets, rugs, upholstery, and hard floors.

Using our services guarantees you:

  • High quality service.
  • Professional service.
  • Trained staff.
  • Excellent after sales service.
  • Monitoring System in place.

Rental Property Carpet Cleaning

carpet-cleaning-internalWhether you have a rental property that needs a thorough carpet steam clean or you are arranging your regular spring clean, Devere will get you the result and finish that the others can’t.

Stain Removal Carpet Cleaning

If you have pets or children, you know how little or large accidents and spillages can occur and result in permanent damage to your carpets or furnishings.

With a Devere Carpet Cleaning professional on your side, you have a much greater chance of an clean outcome that doesn’t lead to indelible staining.

These pictures are of a mistreated rental property on Bribie Island. The owners of the property were delighted with the deep cleaning and stain removal result.

IICRC certified cleaning technicians not only know how to restore the color and beauty of your carpet, but many also are trained in ways to eliminate unsightly problems that can lead to carpet deterioration and the need for early replacement.